Things Nearby

5 minutes drive

  • The village of Naples is about 5 minutes south. Just take the road downhill. There is a theater that puts on plays, lots of restaurants and a grocery store. 
  • Naples has Grimes Glen, a beautiful gorge with small stream flowing through it. It’s like Watkins Glen but much smaller. If you hike all the way to the end you will see three waterfalls. Bring your dog for sure. Pay attention to the parking signs.
  • Take a tour of Hazlitt winery.  In the cool, dark basements you will see hundred year old wood barrels. Call before you go to make sure they are doing tours.
  • See the dining guide for places to eat and drink.

10 minutes drive

  • Conklin Gully is a great spot to cool off. We usually walk right up the river rather than use the path. It gets steeper as you go. Similar to Grimes Glen but more rustic.
  • Ontario County Park is a large park with groomed trails. Just get in your car, exit the gate, turn left and keep going up the hill. You will see the park at the end. They recently added BMX trails in the woods.
  • Launch your canoe or kayak at Woodvile Boat Launch. It’s free.

20 minutes drive

  • Check out Onanda Park. This is a great place to swim in the lake, play with your dog and play ping pong.
  • Admire the windmills on the hills south of Naples.

30 minutes drive

  • Kershaw Park is located on the north end of lake Canandaigua. They have a changing area and a supervised swimming area. You can also wade right in off the rocks, which is what we prefer to do. Ice cream is nearby.
  • At the north end of the lake, Canandaigua Sailboarding will rent you a stand up paddle board, kayak or windsurfer.
  • South of Naples, Dansville has an old time movie theater. This is a great place to be on a hot day.
  • East of Naples, Penn Yan is a nice little town with a good trail along the river and restaurants.
Here is a nice article on things to do in the area.