Getting to Hickory Ridge Preserve

The property adjoining the cabin’s property is Hickory Ridge Preserve, formerly West Hill Preserve.  It is owned by The Nature Conservancy. There is a trail system that offers a nice walk. It it can be used by mountain bikes and walkers.

There are two ways to get to the preserve and its trail.

Option 1: Walk down to the parking area and walk or drive north on Rhine street, then left on Seaman road, It’s a 4 minute drive or 15 minute walk. You will see it on the left after the field.

Walk from the cabin through the woods. Here are the steps:

1. Walk back down the road that leads up to the cabin about 75 feet. On the left side you will see a tree with a blue marker.
2. Walk 750 feet west along the trail through the woods. When the trail ends, you will enter the preserve. There is not much to see yet.
3. Make a left and walk 450 feet south, uphill. You will see the trail come into view. You can either walk uphill or down towards the road. Uphill is usually better if you take this rout.