Pre Arrival Shopping

Remember that you need to hike to the cabin with your gear. Pack light, avoiding glass bottles. Bring a backpack if you have one. An alternative that may work is two bags with handles, one in each hand.

Some food shops in Naples (5 minutes from the cabin) for supplies are:

  • Joseph’s Wayside Market
  • Renaldson’s Grocery

Wegmans, a nice regional supermarket chain, is south of the cabin in Corning and north of the cabin in Canandaigua. That’s a good place to stop for groceries on the way if you are driving from afar. There are also Asian and Turkish grocery stores in Rochester, one hour to the north of the cabin.

From mid July to the end of September, here are some farm stands nearby. The food here will be limited but will be vastly better than the grocery stories.

  • There is a small farmer’s market on Wednesday afternoons just as you arrive in Naples on the right side of main street.
  • There is a trailer with veg on main street on Monday afternoons on the left side of Main street across from the Hazlitt’s Winery.
  • If you pass through Naples, staying on rout 21 (turn right after Wilcox Lumber) you will see a stand across from ice cream shop on the right side.