Planning Your Visit

What to Bring

Because the cabin is off road and off grid,  it’s best to think things through. You do not want to forget something important, nor do you want to lug things to the cabin you do not need.

The cabin is stocked with necessities for your stay. The minimum you will need to bring is food, clothes and any medications you take. Here are some additional suggestions:

  • sturdy footwear-remember, there is a walk to the cabin
  • warm clothes
  • food
  • ice
  • rain hat
  • toiletries
  • medications
  • cell phone
  • USB charging cord

It’s cooler at the cabin than the surrounding area, so bring some warm clothes in the fall and spring. 

Some things we suggest you leave at home are:

  • Firewood–we supply it
  • Things that plug into a household wall outlet–there are no such outlets
  • Chairs–we have plenty
  • Drinking water–we supply it

The Cabin Has These Things

  • firewood
  • cooler
  • drinking water
  • cooking things
    • three burner propane cooking stove and propane
    • cooking pots
    • frying pan
    • utensils
    • soap
    • glasses
    • plates, bowls and utensils for 4
    • water kettle
    • Melita style coffee funnel and filters
    • coffee
    • cork screw
    • oil
    • salt
    • pepper
  • toilet paper
  • matches
  • Sleeping things
    • 4 foam mattresses
    • 1 set of sheets per guest
    • 1 pillow per guest
    • 1 blanket per guest or more when cold
    • 1 towel per guest
  • first aid kit
  • USB electric outlets
  • various books, cards and games
  • fire extinguisher
  • insect repellent
  • flashlight