Outdoor Kitchen

The outdoor kitchen can be found a short walk from the cabin, near the area that has a view of the valley. It is the best place to cook because it has hot and cold running water and ample space. The small outdoor sink area connected to the cabin was built before the outdoor kitchen and is being retired.

Operating the Sink

We turn off the water system between guests. Look for the big water cube and turn it 45 degrees. This will make water available to the sink and shower.

At the sink, for cold water, turn the right knob counter clockwise.

For hot water, follow this procedure:

  1. Turn the left (hot) knob clockwise so the water flows. Not much water will flow out yet. That’s OK.
  2. Turn the switch to the left of the sink to the up position. Now you will hear a pump run.
  3. Wait about 20 seconds. After that the water will start to warm up.
  4. When done, use the reverse process to turn the sink off, making sure to turn the pump off before turning the hot water handle off.
Explanation: The water heater needs adequate water pressure to turn on. That’s the purpose of the pump. You want to avoid having the pump run when the hot water knob on the sink is close, as bad things can happen.

If the hot water is not working, get in touch and we will help you out.
Using the Lights
The kitchen has a solar panel on the roof and a 12 volt battery. You should have plenty of electricity. Feel free to play with the switches to the far left of the sink to turn the lights on and off. 

  • Do not drink any water from the sink in the outdoor kitchen or the sink in the cabin. This water comes from the roof. Instead drink the water from of the two red and yellow Igloo coolers.
  • Since the kitchen is outdoors, stuff will blow into pots and pans. Give them a rinse before using them.
  • Stuff like paper towels will blow around in the outdoor kitchen. Leave paper in the cabin or weigh it down.
  • Avoid leaving food out overnight, since this will attract monsters.
  • Turn off the lights in the kitchen after you go to bed. Leaving them on will attract insects.

Large Propane stove

1) Make sure burners are off. Have a lighter or matches ready. They are in the white medicine cabinet inside.

2) Turn knob on top of the propane tank left

3) Turn burner on

4) Light burner

When you are done, be sure to turn the knob on top of the tank to the off position.

If you run out of propane, let us know and we will bring up another tank.

Oven mitts are hanging up by the wood stove indoors.

Small Butane Stove
This stove is nice for heating water for coffee or tea.

1) Make sure the lever is pressed down
2) Turn the stove on
3) Use the igniter or a lighter to light the stove

Using the Fire Pit
The fire pit overlooking the valley is intended for small fires. Wood for the fires can be found in the shed behind the cabin. Please be reasonable with the amount of wood you burn. 

You can find paper in the white bin inside the cabin for starting files. Lighters can be found in the kitchen.

Any outdoor fire should be fully extinguished before leaving it. You can use the water from the pond.