Driving Your Four Wheel Drive Vehicle Off Road to the Cabin

If you have a robust 4 wheel drive vehicle with good ground clearance, we may offer you the option of driving yourself. Please get in touch with us before you attempt this so we can clear you and your vehicle for driving yourself. An “all wheel drive” vehicle like a Subaru station wagon will not make it. This is steep uphill driving on a rough road.

Be sure you are in 4WD, then proceed up the road through the field. It will eventually bring you into the woods. There is a 1′ deep ditch on your left as you approach the steep incline. Avoid going into that.

When you reach the cabin, note the pine tree outside the front door. Do a counter-clockwise loop around that tree so you are facing back toward the dirt road. This is a good parking spot. Please avoid any driving in other areas on the cabin lawn, in the tall grass or in the woods.

On checkout morning please get in touch with us so we will know when we can start the cleaning process, otherwise we will wait until check out time and assume you have departed.