Your Arrival

Set an Arrival Time

Use Hipcamp or Airbnb to communicate with us about your arrival time. When you get in the Naples area, use Google Maps to find 7368 Rhine Street.

Sometimes we can offer to bring your gear up to the cabin in our truck. This is not a service we guarantee to offer but if we are available we can do it.

Finding Us

Look for the wood gate pictured above. You can unlatch the gate if it is closed and pull forward into the field. 


Hang a sharp right by the willow trees.

There is a small ditch on the other side of the road (behind where the blue car parked.) When backing out, take care not to go in the ditch.

You may be tempted to proceed up the road in your car rather than parking. It starts off easy, but eventually turns hellish. And there is no place to turn around.

Walking to the Cabin



The hike up is about 10-15 minutes. It is up the dirt road from the parking area shown above. Do not attempt to drive up the road without clearing both the driver and vehicle with is. 


The hill gets steeper as you go up. You will see some progress markers on the trees as you make your ascent.

When you arrive at the cabin you will find the door unlocked.