If you are a guest, use Airbnb or Hipcamp to get in touch with us. This form is for people with unusual inquies. For example you want to get married at the cabin.


Can I bring more guests?
The booking platform you used to book The Naples Cabin has a place to set the number of guests. If you have more guests than you originally planned, increment that number accordingly.
Does the cabin have electricity?
The cabin has electricity but its not the typical service you may be used to. You can only plug things on that use a USB connector.
Do you have more cabins?
There is only one Naples Cabin. We offer guests exclusive rights to the cabin and to roam the 30 acres of property.
Is the cabin appropriate for kids?
Yes, indeed! In fact the cabin was originally built as a playhouse. You will be out in the wilderness though so we do not recommend bringing kids under the age of 6.
Why do you use 3rd party booking platforms?
We like to view the reviews a guest has had from other hosts prior to booking.